Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” —Sam Levenson

A lot of times we get overwhelmed by everything going on in our lives that sometimes we just want to give up. From experience I have learned to take things easy by slowing down a bit and living each day as it comes. Normally I’m a planner, I plan my life years ahead. It makes things easier for me most times though it doesn’t always go as expected given the time interval of planning and the actual events.

I’m presently at a point in my life where I feel I can take over the world 😂, however I have realized that I can’t do everything at the same time. Actually that has been my main problem over the years. I have too many ideas but usually get frustrated and give up during the implementation process. Especially when it’s taking longer than expected.

That being said, one must never stop trying to be better regardless of how tough the road seems. Life is never easy but with determination and perseverance many have conquered every limitation they encountered on their journey.

If you’re like me, I advise you slow down a bit. Don’t stop just ensure you have a priority list that serves as a guide so you don’t get burned out by taking on too much responsibilities. Nigerians would say ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

Have a fabulous week ahead people, keep working on that dream of yours!

Don’t stop, keep moving!

You do realize you don’t have to beat yourself up all the time about past mistakes or because you disappointed you and other people in your life right?
As humans we are expected to fail occasionally but the important thing is, what you do when you fall. Do you stay down or get back up and take with you lessons learned from the experience? 

My personal journey to self discovery has been transformational. I have evolved now into a young woman with a PURPOSE. Years ago I had this strong yearning to be perfect (I grew up wanting to impress my parents), little did I know I was putting my life in a slow motion. Forgetting that you grow when you try and fail and keep trying till you get it right.

I had lots of business ideas and other things I wanted to do when I was younger but wouldn’t take risks because I was afraid of failure. Yet i wanted to be a success story, but how? Stagnation was my companion at that period in my life. It got so bad I could feel it. I began to ask myself questions I already knew the answers to. 

At that point i knew it wouldn’t be fair to rob the world of the talent and gifts God gave me to share. Over the past few years i would reflect on the things i would do differently if given another chance. Alas, that was the moment i advised myself to take charge of my life. It was time to let go of fear. I decided to put it in a box and throw it away forever!

I am not even going to lie by painting a rosy picture that life has been smooth since then but hey, no one ever promised that life will be easy! There will be days of struggling and taking on great challenges but hold on, there’s always light at the end of a tunnel. Just do your part by working hard, be persistent like your life depends on it and see how things turn out.

So now what you may ask? 

Well, I have a couple of projects I’m working on aside blogging to inspire and transform people that relate to my situation. I am working on my charity organization to see how much people I can help in my own little way. And some other things I will reveal on this blog as time goes on.

Individuals should take time out to reflect on their live occasionally. Are you living your dream? Are you willing and ready to put in the hardwork necessary to achieve your goals? What would you do differently if you could go back in time? What will the world remember you for when you’re long gone?

What are your thoughts on this post and turning point stories? Please share with me in the comments section.

Financially responsible or just stingy??

So here’s the deal guys, I took a decision about a year ago to be more prudent in my spending after realized I was way too extravagant and had little or no savings most of the time. I had to come up with a strategy that would actually work, need I say I had tried so many times in the past to achieve this feat but failed woefully.

I weighed all the options I had  but there was only one that had the highest chance of being effective in my case (trust me guys, it was really bad).In Nigeria we deal mostly with cash but in the past five (5) years or so, the government has constituted policies that promote a cashless society in order to curb inflation.

Having lived in the UK before, I was already accustomed to using my ATM cards to pay for virtually everything. It was a struggle readjusting to the Nigerian way of making purchases with cash.

This led to my excessive spending habit, which I was not aware of by the way. I had to figure out the root of my problem, especially with a baby on the way back then. There was no way i would continue to live like that, always making purchases on impulse and looking for the slightest opportunity to spend.

The moment i realized the cause of my problem, i decided to take drastic action by not carrying more than a certain amount of cash for a period of time (mainly for emergencies). Now I only pay for what I need and mostly with my card, if there are no POS machines in the stores I want to buy things from I leave without buying and that’s it. Money saved LOL. 

People that used to know me when I  was an impulsive spender now complain that i’m stingy (not that i care anyway). Well I just feel as one grows older, priorities change and change is inevitable.

Another strategy that encourages me to save more is having a short term project that I cannot afford, once that is settled I come up with something else that I need to invest in.

To be honest i’m still struggling with this new lifestyle but I believe i’ve made significant amount of progress so far. I’m still learning to be disciplined where money is concerned. Now that i’m a wife and mother I realize it is my duty to ensure that the family’s finances are in top shape.

What methods do you use to save more money? Please kindly share in the comments section.

A trip to success boulevard

Why do people feel the need to succeed?

A lot of people in our society today are being judged as failures or never do wells because they aren’t living up to soceiety’s expectations. People need to realize that being happy and peaceful are important ingredients of a successful life. 

I would say this though, success means different things to different people, a Nigerian saying goes thus ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’. Personally I believe that just because something worked well for Mr A doesn’t mean it will work for me. I live my life knowing that all fingers are not and will never be equal, therefore let everyone one run his race the best way it suits him/her. Lately I have been on a journey of self discovery, I will be turning thirty years soon and it’s kind of a big deal for me (whoop whoop, i’m happy and feel blessed). I have been asking myself what I have achieved in life so far and to be honest with myself and you all, I am doing okay since I have a masters degree and I work as a university lecturer. However, you will be surprised that I don’t measure that to be success. Its important, but not the most important thing to be achieved. 

There is much more to life than just doing the regular things that are expected of you by society. We all have those secret things hiding in a tiny corner of our hearts that we wish we could do that would make us more pleased or satisfied with ourselves. I will use my beginning to blog as an example. I have been procrastinating starting a blog for only God knows how long. This is something I do because I enjoy writing and I want to be a source of inspiration to people like me. We waste so much time suppressing our talents due to societal pressure, wondering how people would view us if we did what we love.

Getting a large readership and following on my blog will not only help me network more but I will also learn from talented people that are willing to share their knowledge with the world. Furthermore, I believe as time goes on my writing skills will greatly improve whilst I find out the niche I belong to.

Conclusively, success for me is having and spending quality time with my family, having loyal friendships, pursuing a successful career I enjoy, working towards achieving my set goals, staying healthy, pray more, travel more, shop more, take more photos (another secret passion of mine), laugh more, reach out to the needy and all the good things of life (haha).

Keep living your dreams people, you only live once.