Major lifestyle change

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​I stated in one of my previous posts that I was ready for a lifestyle change especially because my main goal is to lose some weight and be fit. So guys the time has finally come. I decided to do it the ketogenic way. This means that my daily meals will consist of mainly high fat, moderate protein and low carbs. A lot of people may already know about this lifestyle but for those who don’t,  normally our bodies burn carbs as its  main source of energy but a ketogenic diet helps your liver to produce ketones that burn fat as your main source of energy. 

I have done a lot of research on living the ketogenic lifestyle and I believe it’s the best for me. Hopefully I will take you all on my journey to a new improved version of myself. I say so because when you feel good on the inside and your healthy, everything about you changes positively; from your self esteem/cofidence to how you live and take decisions. 

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I started yesterday, allow me to emphasise that it’s been very challenging because I used to eat a lot of carbohydrates and sweets (I have too many guilty pleasures), but all that is about to change. I am however doing a gradual transition as opposed to suddenly switching to very low carb intake, my reason being I want to be committed this time. I don’t want to go from one extreme to another because I tried it before but couldn’t keep up, not that I wasn’t seeing results on the scale. Now its different,I saw it as a diet before but no its a lifestyle. 

I created a page where I will be posting photos of my meals at the end of each day, this is a way to keep me accountable for whatever I put in my system. I know that some days I may fall off the trail but I want to be as realistic as possible so people can know the challenges i’m facing on this journey and hopefully get inspired. 

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I didn’t weigh myself before starting because it’s not just about what the scale says, I got obsessed with my scale the last time I tried this diet I could literally weigh myself five to six times a day. I intend to weigh myself eventually but I want it to be a surprise. I know I weigh between 100kg to 105kg. So I will know how well i’m doing when I decide to check. I also have recent photographs that will serve as ‘before’ while I work on the ‘after’.

Is there anyone of you currently embarking on a journey of change you always wish you started , still hoping to pursue a dream for a while now but still procrastinating? Leave me a comment or email and let’s encourage each other and make things happen. 

The time is NOW.

Love, Valada!

Counting down to 30

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There is no greater feeling like looking back at your life and realizing how far you’ve come. I reminisce a lot, not because i have a lot of time on my hands but because counting my blessings gives me joy. Often times we get carried away by our troubles and frustrations which eventually lead to depression. The world is already full of sad events, let’s not make things worse. We all should take a chill pill, relax and enjoy life. Be happy regardless of our individual circumstances.

There are so many reasons to be happy, for example; the gift of life, family, friends, laughter, good health, shelter, food, water, peace, love, career, etc. they are too many to be listed here. If you are depressed, sad or going through a tough time, please drop it and look forward to brighter days ahead. No one will make that choice for you except you!

It is normal to get upset sometimes but at the end of the day we should not let that rob us of the excitements that come with being happy people. I have experienced terrible times of betrayal from people i hold dear to my heart, and i threw the longest pity party for myself till there was no strength or tears left in me. One day i asked myself if it was even worth my energy and time, as you know the answer was and still is an obvious ‘NO’. That was the moment i decided i would live a fulfilled life and keep being the cheerful happy-go-lucky girl i was when i was much younger.

So far it has paid off, i’ve lost so many friends but i gained few others that i wouldn’t trade for the world. One thing i cherish in life is loyalty and that is because i am loyal to a fault. I however, learned over the years not to expect such an expensive virtue from people who do not understand its concept. One of my aunts would always say ‘blessed are those who do not expect, for they shall not be disappointed‘.

20 days to my 30th birthday and i say ‘NO’ to every form of negative energy around me. I choose to live, love and laugh in peace like never before. It is time for me to take good care of myself for me and my family, i intend for my son to have happy memories growing up (so help me God). Memories he will take with him for life till he starts his own family.

I still have a lot  to accomplish as long as i am alive ad healthy. That is, new people to meet, new places to visit, achieving my career goals and so much more. This is just the beginning for me, i have never felt so fresh and driven to succeed like i do now. I hear 30 is the new 20 (LOL, I wish).

On this note, i wish to announce that i will be embarking on a ketogenic lifestyle journey soon. I have been overweight for so long, i feel this is the best time for a change or rather, a transformation from the inside out. I will be updating you on my progress and i will also try to post recipes alongside photos of my meals. So stay tuned for that, i will need all the encouragement and motivation i can get.

Did i also mention my son and i will be going home to hubby soon for the summer break?! We are so excited to be reunited after almost six moths of being apart (some of the sacrifices families of military personnel make, but we do it with love). Thanks for reading guys.

Until next time, stay safe and happy. Remember YOLO!