i-Care Support Foundation: Maiden outreach

A journey of a thousand miles they say begins with a step.  Finally one of my age-long dreams came through. My charity organization is now up and running to the glory of God.  Last Saturday (3rd of June) was  our first outreach to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in a small community called 'Sangere', in… Continue reading i-Care Support Foundation: Maiden outreach


Expect the unexpected

Yesterday I took my almost one year old son for his pre-birthday photoshoot. And you know how it is with first time moms 😁, I had already planned every detail of that photo session like months ago. From the props we'd use to how the photos would turn out (all first time moms relate i'm… Continue reading Expect the unexpected

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Financially responsible or just stingy??

So here's the deal guys, I took a decision about a year ago to be more prudent in my spending after realized I was way too extravagant and had little or no savings most of the time. I had to come up with a strategy that would actually work, need I say I had tried… Continue reading Financially responsible or just stingy??


Supposed happily ever after

Remind me again why most single women believe once you meet a nice looking guy and get married all your problems will be washed away at the altar and from then on everything will be perfect? Well sorry to disappoint you ladies, this is time for real talk. Honestly you need to wake up from… Continue reading Supposed happily ever after


Daily To Do List (Free Printable)

I find this post by inspirational blogger Minderland to be very helpful so I decided to share. We all could use this to achieve optimum daily time management. Feel free to download, it’s free.

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In order to stay sane and to manage your emotions, you need to plan and record important parts of your day.

You like me may be the one to sometimes forget what you had planned for the day or the calls you had to make, little things you had to do or emotions you felt.

Having a To do list will help you keep your mind clutter free. You will then have more time for yourself and your emotional well-being.

Planning will help you avoid unnecessary stress and worrying.



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A trip to success boulevard

Why do people feel the need to succeed? A lot of people in our society today are being judged as failures or never do wells because they aren't living up to soceiety's expectations. People need to realize that being happy and peaceful are important ingredients of a successful life.  I would say this though, success… Continue reading A trip to success boulevard