Career goals; Stuck and confused!


Recently i have been worried about the direction in which my career is going. If you have read my bio already, you would know that i am a University Lecturer, and that means studying ever ends for me if i intend to continue in this profession (i love my job and i have a passion for teaching by the way). Surprisingly i grew up to discover i enjoy being the student, it’s funny considering i hated school as a child needless to say i was an above average student. In other to grow to the peak of my career (Professor) i need to publish a lot of academic literature in reputable journals and get a PhD while i’m at it. It isn’t an easy task, it takes a lot of dedication, commitment and perseverance to achieve this. I know because my Dad is one and i have learned a lot from him over the years.

I never believed that after getting good grades while undergoing my masters from a UK university i would encounter this much problems with getting admitted as a PhD student. Well that has been my predicament for a while now. I am qualified for  most of the positions but the application process can be very daunting, especially with various schools having different requirements and admission processes. Some universities give you research topics and some do not. Others ask for a research proposal while others do not, some ask you to get a supervisor by yourself while some don’t. Some ask for GRE/GMAT test scores while other don’t. And the list goes on.

I assume you get the picture i’m trying to paint. Sometimes i get frustrated especially because i have a personal deadline to meet. I’ve set out tons of emails to various universities and prospective supervisors around the world. Sometimes you get a reply (positive or negative) but most times you don’t. Well i have decided to use this vacation wisely to continue with my search and not get discouraged regardless of the disappointments. The end result is all that matters to me for now and i’m well aware of the fact that quitters ever win (i am aware because i would have had a PhD by now had i not given up years ago). I could really use some motivation right now, seriously.

What are some of the challenges you have faced in the course of your studies/careers and how were you able to overcome them? Please share in the comments section.

Thank you for reading.


Financially responsible or just stingy??

So here’s the deal guys, I took a decision about a year ago to be more prudent in my spending after realized I was way too extravagant and had little or no savings most of the time. I had to come up with a strategy that would actually work, need I say I had tried so many times in the past to achieve this feat but failed woefully.

I weighed all the options I had  but there was only one that had the highest chance of being effective in my case (trust me guys, it was really bad).In Nigeria we deal mostly with cash but in the past five (5) years or so, the government has constituted policies that promote a cashless society in order to curb inflation.

Having lived in the UK before, I was already accustomed to using my ATM cards to pay for virtually everything. It was a struggle readjusting to the Nigerian way of making purchases with cash.

This led to my excessive spending habit, which I was not aware of by the way. I had to figure out the root of my problem, especially with a baby on the way back then. There was no way i would continue to live like that, always making purchases on impulse and looking for the slightest opportunity to spend.

The moment i realized the cause of my problem, i decided to take drastic action by not carrying more than a certain amount of cash for a period of time (mainly for emergencies). Now I only pay for what I need and mostly with my card, if there are no POS machines in the stores I want to buy things from I leave without buying and that’s it. Money saved LOL. 

People that used to know me when I  was an impulsive spender now complain that i’m stingy (not that i care anyway). Well I just feel as one grows older, priorities change and change is inevitable.

Another strategy that encourages me to save more is having a short term project that I cannot afford, once that is settled I come up with something else that I need to invest in.

To be honest i’m still struggling with this new lifestyle but I believe i’ve made significant amount of progress so far. I’m still learning to be disciplined where money is concerned. Now that i’m a wife and mother I realize it is my duty to ensure that the family’s finances are in top shape.

What methods do you use to save more money? Please kindly share in the comments section.