WAKE up and, get MOVING!

chase your dreams

Hi y’all hope you guys have been okay. Your girl is here to give you updates as usual (smiles), that’s what this blog is about anyways.

Climbing the ladder of success is something everyone dreams about and hopes for but very few are ready to put in the hard work necessary to achieve this feat. In my last post i mentioned how i gradually settled for a mediocre lifestyle overtime without even realizing it. I had so many hopes and dreams as a young girl and i was actually willing and was working towards reaching my goals, however as i grew older i became a shadow of myself.


The first step to moving forward in life a period of almost giving up on yourself is realizing what went wrong and taking responsibility for the part you played. Secondly ask yourself what you are willing to do to change your situation? Personally, my first mistake was isolating myself from loved ones that once made my life colourful (especially my friends) and to be honest i cannot explain how or why i did that. As the people in the Northern part of Nigeria would say ‘it is the people in your life that determine how wealthy you are not the amount of money you have‘. I learned that the hard way. I’m glad i have realized it early enough so i can make amends.

Another mistake was getting cold with all the self development activities i used to enjoy. I lost interest in most of the things that once made me happy and kept me busy, whenever i look back i keep asking myself what went wrong? I have no regrets because every disappointment is a learning experience, trust me, over the past few years i have learned some tough lessons.

Now to the beautiful part of this story, i am pleased to inform you i am aggressively working on regaining  the positive vibe i once had. I have started dreaming again and i am gradually investing in myself so as to bring them to reality. I believe in my abilities again, i have realized i am LIMITLESS. Don’t let anyone make you feel less. I am so optimistic and excited about what the year holds as long as there is life and good health,

just watch this space.

Chasing Dreams Image 3

Please share with me in the comments section how you overcame feelings of inadequacy or what you are doing to change things for yourself currently. What do you hope to achieve this year?

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love Valada!

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