I’m back, welcome 2018!!!

So it’s a new year and most people are on about how things are going to be different henceforth etc, all I can say is, positive change is a good thing. However how many people are going to stick with their resolutions or even work to achieve their new year goals?

I confess that last year I let pressure and numerous life challenges get the best of me. I lost focus as the months rolled in and subsequently almost gave up on a lot of things I had planned earlier.

It’s very easy to get carried away by our problems and get depressed sometimes. It’s okay to reflect and even cry when things don’t work out the way we expect but giving up must never be an option. That being said, last year taught me some tough lessons but I am happy now because living should be about learning directly or indirectly.

One thing I am certain of for this new year with God by my side, is that I have/will set goals and ensure that I follow them through. Regardless of how unattainable they may seem to those around me. I am totally aware of how much I have depended on others for validation and happiness yet they keep failing me, I now know the true meaning of self worth and actualization. Be ready to let go of things that make you lose peace it isn’t worth it but work hard, develop yourself and be better in whatever you do, it will pay off eventually. I came across a quote online this night that really got me thinking, I had to reflect deeply on who I was, am and the person I hope to be. The quote reads “you only become a success story when you win, so get up and WIN.”

It made me take a step back and go down memory lane. I used to be very ambitious and inquisitive about new interesting things but most importantly i was passionate about being a success. Somehow life happened and I unfortunately let it take it’s toll on me. I gradually forgot who i am and that I’m destined for GREATNESS. The effort I was expected to put into achieving my dreams was gradually channelled into settling for mediocre lifestyle.

Not anymore!!! I have been rudely awakened by the realization that I hold the key to my destiny. No one is responsible for how my life turns out eventually but ME. I believe this year will bring greater achievements because it’s going to be about me and less of others. I have lived for others long enough, now it’s time for me to be a little bit selfish. I intend to share how things unfold with you guys so stay tuned to this space.

Happy New year everyone, may it bring joy peace and prosperity!

With love,


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