Life update

Feels good to be back after being MIA for a few weeks, I’ve missed blogging a lot. A quick update though on what I was up to while I was away.

So I am on break from work and came to be with hubby in Lagos. We’d been apart for a couple of months, I guess you understand that a lot of catching up was necessary 😀. Did I mention our arrival (my son and I) was a pleasant surprise? I had our flights changed so could come earlier than expected and I must say I got him 😂😘.

I have also been out and about a bit but the most memorable was the first ever Baileys bake fest in Africa. I’m glad I was there, it was fun filled. Lots of Bailey’s infused treats to try, games to play and friends to make. The icing on the cake for me was meeting with top Nigerian celebrities I’ve watched and admired for a long time, it was amazing. My husband took it upon himself to make it a special date by pampering me to some goodies there and even after we left the event as a pre-birthday groove 😍.

Yesterday was my birthday and le hubb organized a small house party for me with few family and friends. I had a good time and I truly appreciate him for that gesture, i’m also thankful to all that celebrated me in one way or another. I felt happy and blessed turning 30 years old. God has been good to me. I’m so excited to see what this next phase of my life will be about. I am believing God for breakthroughs that will move me to my next level in life. I will be working on achieving my dreams, it won’t be easy but I know i will succeed.
Finally my son just began to walk/run today, what a pleasant birthday surprise. I am so happy.

I will be more consistent now, thanks for reading. Until next time, stay blessed and safe!

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