Life lessons

I guess we all know what a rose flower looks like. Beautiful as it is, it has thorns regardless of it’s colour and beauty. That is how life is, not everyday is going to be happy. Everyday comes with surprises, the pleasant and not so pleasant ones.
Ever wonder why people get hurt each time something doesn’t go as planned despite knowing from the beginning that there’s only a 50/50 chance of a positive outcome? One never gets used to disappointment, it’s a natural phenomenon.

The thorns on a rose doesn’t stop it from being beautiful so why let disappointment hold you back from being your best?!! I have learned some lessons from my few years of life, I hope it helps someone realize they’re not alone.

  1. People you trust will hurt you in the worst ways you can imagine, deal with it. It’s your decision to make as to wether to stay away from the negative energy, keep enduring or let them know how you feel and make peace.
  2. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Personally I believe whatever terrible experience I go thorough teaches me lessons I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. And every challenge I go through is an opportunity to learn something new. This realization helps me stay sane 😀.
  3. People tend to make promises they can’t keep when they are happy. Try not to get your hopes up, else you end up disappointed. Keep an open mind always and ensure you have a plan B just in case 👌. Remember to be as realistic with your expectations as possible while you give room for error.
  4. Never ever assume, always ask questions. Verify your facts before acting on them. Being silent about issues affecting your peace will only get you depressed. Speak up no matter how controversial the topic is and save yourself some stress. 
  5. They say forgive and forget. I say forgiving is the easy part, forgetting is where the work lies. Just try to be patient with people, you’ll get over it someday somehow but don’t lose yourself in the process.

Life is a journey we all are opportuned to go on only once. It’s important to make it count, occupy yourself with things that make you happy. Make wise decisions. Be kind, you never know when you’ll require to be treated as suçh. How we behave to others has a funny way of coming back to us when we least expect it. 

Until next time, be happy!💃💃💃

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