An open letter to Akintomiwa my darling son!

Words cannot even describe the joy I feel this moment. Having you in my life this past year has made me a fulfilled woman in the true sense of the word, sometimes I cry while thanking God for blessing me with the gift of you.

Your birth story is so fresh in my mind like it was yesterday. I remember how scared I was of labor and delivery that I said a prayer. I told God of my fears and asked him to make the experience easy and worthwhile. He answered and you cooperated! 

As my due date approached I kept expecting the signs of labor but none showed up. Almost two weeks after my EDD I went for ante natal, after being examined by the doctors (God bless them for being gracious), it was decided that a cesarean section was going to be done to bring you out the next day. Whew! I was like, this is it. The special moment I had been waiting for to meet my baby was almost here. 

I was still scared (considering your dad was far away at work) because I didnt know what to expect but I trusted in God that all would be well. I was sent back home to get ready and return a few hours later. The surgery was scheduled for 8 a.m. the next morning. I am a freak for documenting memorable events (you already know this because of the many videos and photos of you I take daily) but fortunately or unfortunately my phone developed a fault and i could barely even make calls (imagine the wrong timing). Most of my friends and well wishers found out about your arrival on facebook (ouch!).

Well, the moment of truth came and I was wheeled into the theatre the next morning after so much prayers. I so desperately wanted to see you the moment you came out but I couldn’t as the anaesthesia choice I made (numbing my waist down to my legs) didn’t work, so I was completely knocked out. I however woke up shortly after you had been taken to meet your grandma, and the only thing I could think of doing was ask if you were ok and if you were a boy or girl (all efforts to know your gender before that day failed lol. We kept guessing and betting and you probably were laughing at us all the while). Then I became unconscious and took a long look at you from afar in my dizziness, little did I know what was to come when the anaesthesia wore off fully.

Hours later I woke up to behold your royal cuteness my love, my charming little prince. The wait for that precious moment was well worth it, and I bless the day I bore you. Even though I didn’t get to hold you until much later that night, I was happy just looking at you. God did it, we were both fine. No complications at all.

Gradually I started to feel the pain, it was out of this world. Trust your mama, I handled it like a queen (i wish, haha), I assure you that you’re worth more than the pain I felt for weeks darling. 

Your daddy wasn’t there physically but he was with us all through, waiting patiently by the phone to hear the news of your arrival. And boy was he over the moon with joy when your grandpa broke the news to him. You are all he prayed for and expected if not much more.

Motherhood is one journey I wouldn’t trade for anything, it hasn’t been easy but your grandparents, uncles, aunties, our colleagues and friends have been of immense help. You are truly a blessed child, the amount of love and likeness you command is something else.

The past one year has been wonderful and I bless God for your life. You will live long and prosper in good health and peace son. Keep smiling and being the cheerful compassionate and intelligent boy you’ve been. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents, Mommy and Daddy love you very much and are working hard to give you a good life.

Happy birthday my little munchkin, looking forward to many more amazing years with you! I hope you enjoy the party we organized for you.

P.S. Birthday party update will come in my next post people, watch this space.

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