Expect the unexpected

Yesterday I took my almost one year old son for his pre-birthday photoshoot. And you know how it is with first time moms 😁, I had already planned every detail of that photo session like months ago. From the props we’d use to how the photos would turn out (all first time moms relate i’m sure🙌). My excitement was through the roof.

Lo and behold the long awaited photoshoot turned out to be a learning experience I never expected. 

First of all the cake I ordered was NOT in any way shape or form what was delivered to me (I was so disappointed but wouldn’t let that ruin the rest of the day). I consoled myself by saying ‘oh well, its an original creation. First of its kind LOL.

Then we got to the photo studio, the photographer had barely taken three shots of my beloved son before he bursted into tears. Let me emphasize that my son loves taking pictures, he would even change poses without any supervision. So you can imagine my shock when he started crying and throwing major tantrums (his diaper wasn’t soiled, he was well fed, except he hadn’t had his afternoon nap) 😮. His father called to offer moral support via telephone ad did his bit to pacify him, all to no avail.

I thought to myself, how could this be after all the months of fantasizing and planning (laughing now but it wasn’t funny yesterday I can assure you). Long story short, we managed to get a few good shots, not as many as I would have wanted but that’s okay. And my darling son didn’t smash his cake which means I successfully got free cake for my family (they started eating it before we got home 😬).

Moral of the story; It’s normal and easy to plan every single detail of our lives however, we must realize that what happens to us is not always entirely our making. It is important to plan for eventualities to avoid disappointment. Learn to accept the things you cannot change, nothing is ever certain in life. Make it worthwhile by having fun while you’re at it

Love you Akin even though you didn’t cooperate with me yesterday. I enjoy every bit of time I spend with you daily. Thank you for reminding me that things will not always go the way I want but to enjoy the moment regardless. Birthday edition coming soon, I will share photos after the party.

Happy belated mother’s day mamas, you’re doing a good job.

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